Can not place waypoints where they need to be

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Can not place waypoints where they need to be

Post by me_f9896QSmEk » Thu Feb 08, 2024 7:24 pm

I'v pretty much, got the knack of using Waypoints ...

BUT my biggest problem, is ... my target property is 150 feet wide and 850 feet front to back.

When I use the waypoints screen, it seems the "Home", while the drone is 20 feet above the ground, is ALWAYS centered on the screen, and set at a scale, as such, that I cannot enter waypoints at the extremes of my planned flightlines.

I can place waypoints all over the screen, but I cannot scroll the screen or diminish the screen(to show more area)

If I try to scroll the screen to show the back of the property, it immediately scrolls back, it's under the hot buttons(one both side of the screen, but I can't get to the places to place my waypoints ...

My ranges have been set to 500 meter flight route distance and flight radius is also 500 meters(I think I just now recognize a problem= "flight route distance" ... I'll take care of this tomorrow.

But, my problem is, that with 500 meters distance, that my screen will not allow me to place markers ay about600 feet(about 150 meters).

Any thoughts are welcome ... I wish to use this drone in many straight lines with intermittent photos ... waypoints seem a great way to do it, but only for very small properties.

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