Sudden power failure

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Sudden power failure

Post by me_0eb2auAyTe » Thu Jun 09, 2022 5:03 am

I stopped using my Zino Pro drone for several month during winter season. Now I wanted to fly again but get a strange behavior.

I put a fully charged battery in the Zino Pro, start it up and connect it with the controler and app. In the app I see the battery is fully charged: 100%
When I take off with the drone after about 30 seconds I get a warning the power level is too low (also shows only 10% in the app) and the drone will shut down in 10 seconds. This happenes indeed; after 10 seconds power is cut off and the drone drops down from the sky. I was glad it was only less then a meter ;-)

This is what I already tried:
- changed the battery for another fully charged one
- updated the drone firmware to the latest version
- updated the controller firmware to the laster version

So far with no luck.
Anyone else had this strange behaviour or knows how to solve this ?


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