Sudden power failure

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Sudden power failure

Post by me_0eb2auAyTe » Thu Jun 09, 2022 5:02 am

I stopped using my Zino Pro drone for several month during winter season. Now I wanted to fly again but get a strange behavior.

I put a fully charged battery in the Zino Pro, start it up and connect it with the controler and app. In the app I see the battery is fully charged: 100%
When I take off with the drone after about 30 seconds I get a warning the power level is too low (also shows only 10% in the app) and the drone will shut down in 10 seconds. This happenes indeed; after 10 seconds power is cut off and the drone drops down from the sky. I was glad it was only less then a meter ;-)

This is what I already tried:
- changed the battery for another fully charged one
- updated the drone firmware to the latest version
- updated the controller firmware to the laster version

So far with no luck.
Anyone else had this strange behaviour or knows how to solve this ?


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Re: Sudden power failure

Post by me_8653ev0dIF » Tue Sep 06, 2022 4:26 am

I had this for two batteries.

One was just old and had a weak cell, so was just dying. Saved it for testing purposes.

The other turned out to be swollen so was disposed of immediately before it caught fire under usage.

I'd check the battery for swelling, if there is none it's just going to be a worn out battery, nothing you can do about it except hold onto it for calibrating the drone.

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