GNSS problems in Zino Mini Pro

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GNSS problems in Zino Mini Pro

Post by ge_42025BQ8qj » Sat Oct 23, 2021 7:54 am

I recently purchased your new product Zino Mini.
In general I am happy with your product.
However, I have one very disturbing problem - sudden and unexplained GPS disconnections.
I fly on 90 m altitude - clear sky, on obstacle, UAV Forecast App says "Good to Fly", no radars as far as I know, good GPS on my mobile, good GPS in my car and all the sudden I have a warning - "The current environment has a lot of interference to GPS. Attitude mode"
There is an internet site that can check GPS status at a particular place, at a particular time I checked this application - no problems at all.
Checking SUN activity - no problem.
GPS works on a certain frequency. All governments in all countries make a lot of effort to clear this band.
What interference are you talking about ?

BTW, I live in Israel, making the GPS frequency band clear is a matter of national security - no kidding.

Recently I've found this youtube video Hubsan Zino Mini Pro Gimbal Error and GPS Lost Fix

The guy says that he has received a suggestion from Hubsan engineers on how to fix the GPS Lost problem.

Can you confirm it ? Should I do it ?
I like to fly at long distances (thx your drone does it very well), good and stable GPS is very important for me.

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