New Owner, Issues Already?

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New Owner, Issues Already?

Post by me_3db8b5BDdf » Thu Apr 15, 2021 8:59 pm

Hi all,
I have owned this Zino 2 Plus for just a few days, and have been working with the firmware updates, getting the correct MicroSD card (it said my first card was too slow, even though it was a name brand U3 another, lesser known card, works fine - go figure!). So I managed a few flights today, and my initial concerns:

My controller battery seemed to die very quickly. Like, in a flight or two. Now I did do a ton of updating, and it has to be plugged into the iphone for that...but is this normal?

Also, after firmware update number (something?), the wheel that controls the gimbal, the video start/stop button, and the photo button on the top of the controller all stopped working. These functions all work on the phone interface.

Can anyone advise? Is this just a buggy drone?

Appreciate any help!!

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