501ss help

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501ss help

Post by me_05cf1HEzNY » Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:50 am

Good Afternoon to you all i hope i can be as helpful to you as you are to me i have a lot of flying experience and i am a b licence flyer of fixed with model aeroplanes
I am looking for some help
I have recently purchased a 501ss (secondhand)
the firmware on it was
FC V1.1.41
TX V4.2.2.28
RX V2.1.26

I have upgraded it to
TX V4.2.36
FC V1.1.46
RX V2.1.50

After updating it, the drone flew OK but i now realise it does not have the auto calibration compass fitted!
so my question is do i go back to a older firmware if so what one and where do i download it from ?
or can i purchase the auto calibration compass and fit it, does anyone have the part number to order it ?

Thanks for your help in advance

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