Two big bugs from the Zino Mini Pro

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Two big bugs from the Zino Mini Pro

Post by me_b2131OB68J » Sat Sep 11, 2021 9:11 am

Hello everyone, my Zino Mini Pro also arrived 3 days ago and I have already tested it a few times. It is known that it gets hot and that we are acting as beta testers is also clear. But certain things should run casually.
I noticed two big mistakes straight away. On the one hand, the connection between the transmitter and the cell phone breaks down very often. This can be mitigated by putting the cell phone in flight mode, but what does not work is that if the cell phone connection is broken, the drone can no longer be controlled. Only when the connection is established again can the copter be controlled again. This has happened to me a couple of times now.
Second, you cannot set the transmitter as a home point when returning to home and you cannot determine what the drone should do when it reaches the home point, either landing or hovering.
It happened to me yesterday while flying, the drone was in the air when the connection from the transmitter to the cell phone was broken and the drone could not be controlled. It slowly rose higher and higher without that I could do anything, just retuned to home. The drone then flew back to the starting point and landed, of course not exactly, but 5 meters away in the tall grass.
The two things are of great importance and have to be fixed as soon as possible otherwise there will be a lot of breakage. These problems do not exist at DJI, something important is there from the start.
So there is still a lot to do for Hubsan to be a serious competitor for DJI.
Otherwise it flies quite well so far, except that I cannot fly backwards with obstacle detection, apparently the drone thinks there is something behind and beeps all the time and also shows what is there in the flyapp, only there is nothing there.
Have already calibrated the sensors 2 times.
My first joy has definitely given way to slight frustration.


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Re: Two big bugs from the Zino Mini Pro

Post by me_b5b635XrU6 » Sat Sep 11, 2021 12:39 pm

Hello I have exactly the same connection problem between the remote control and my iphone. the drone goes into automatic return. when it works, my phone has less battery than the radio control. when my iphone is 100% charged it works fine. when that happens. you have to turn off the radio control and turn it back on quickly to resume the connection and stop the automatic return

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