H501ss - crashed -> now the repair

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H501ss - crashed -> now the repair

Post by Moguntia » Sun Jan 27, 2019 12:36 am

After updating to the latest F/W for RX, TX and camera - had no problems getting the quad back to flying and being reliable in the air.
Did some battery checking after the IR was reported a problem by the charger which turned out to be correct.
At the end of the session used new batteries to take some pictures and movie, hovering in about 75m all flight information seemed to be good.
Battery for the quad shows 7.8V and the next thing it drops out of the sky. It seems all 4 props fell off in air, at least there where not part left on the motors and no pieces in a 10ft radius around the impact zone. ANY THOUGHTS or SUGGESTIONS ???

Questions for the repair:
# What is the size of the JST connectors (2 pin) coming from the motor controller to the main PCBA (I think Mini-JST)

# Antenna Mods, planning to place external 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz onto the shell (checked YouTube) any experience or advice ?

# For better impact resistance - change the ABS body shell to a carbon base. Any advice what to use of the shelf ???

# Battery options/upgrade - Anybody found alternatives beside the standard 2S (7.4V) 2700mA ? YES you can fly with 2 batteries
but are there other options ? Especially if you go for a custom frame

Thanks for reading and hopefully sharing your experience
I have about 10 days before the parts I ordered arrive - so I'm eager to hear options which I might be able to integrate

[Whats the video format I can attach to the blog ? mp4 was denied]
Repair required
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Re: H501ss - crashed -> now the repair

Post by mvtedesco777 » Thu Apr 29, 2021 12:17 pm

My Hubsan x4 h109s pro crashed. Need to get a new shell because a arm broke in half.
*1 Do I need to use the same exact shell?
*2 Please give me some suggestions.. ..

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