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Hubsan Zino 2 plus Waypoints stops without completing mission

Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2021 12:33 pm
by me_55f5dSWAQc

I set a number of points-16-to be used in the waypoints mode. However, when I start the flight in basically completes after the first 4 points. It actually says waypoints were completed successfully but in fact there are still more points specified that it didn't go to. At first I thought maybe I'm exceeding some defined limits in the setting but after checking that and adjusting them to the maximum limits and trying to set a limit to the distance between each point on the map, and trying again, it still stops after the first 4 points. But when it stops I can manually fly the drop from the location where it stopped which means its not that it has gone out of range. In fact, I manually fly the drone to the points still showing on the map so I wonder why it just stops the waypoint mode without completing the mission. I updated the firmware on the drone and controller recently but this issue still occurs.

Is there an explanation to this and a solution that I can implement?

Thank you.