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Hubsan H301S camera replacement

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2021 3:35 am
by cessna186
Hello. My Hubsan H301S Spyhawk FPV airplane has a broken camera. The camera module itself is intact and I think should be working. I've been trying really hard to get a replacement camera for it. I found it here But I cannot buy it, for some reason when I choose my country (Czech Republic) in the 'Ship to' at the top right corner, the whole website redirects me somewhere and I am unable to find the camera. I tried emailing for help, but was told to order through website (duh), so no help.

The camera was connected with a 24 pin connector. Hubsan H301F airplane also uses a camera with 24 pins and it's easier to find as a replacement part, costs less and is sold without the module, but I have no idea if they are compatible. I know that most FVP cameras use 3 cables, so I don't know what the rest 21 connections do, maybe they do nothing. I really want to fix the camera on my plane but so far I've been unsuccessful. Can someone advice what could be done? I'm willing to buy the expensive camera with the module from hubsan online store, but it just doesn't work.