GNSS problems in Zino Mini Pro

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GNSS problems in Zino Mini Pro

Post by ge_42025BQ8qj » Sat Oct 23, 2021 7:54 am

I recently purchased your new product Zino Mini.
In general I am happy with your product.
However, I have one very disturbing problem - sudden and unexplained GPS disconnections.
I fly on 90 m altitude - clear sky, on obstacle, UAV Forecast App says "Good to Fly", no radars as far as I know, good GPS on my mobile, good GPS in my car and all the sudden I have a warning - "The current environment has a lot of interference to GPS. Attitude mode"
There is an internet site that can check GPS status at a particular place, at a particular time I checked this application - no problems at all.
Checking SUN activity - no problem.
GPS works on a certain frequency. All governments in all countries make a lot of effort to clear this band.
What interference are you talking about ?

BTW, I live in Israel, making the GPS frequency band clear is a matter of national security - no kidding.

Recently I've found this youtube video Hubsan Zino Mini Pro Gimbal Error and GPS Lost Fix

The guy says that he has received a suggestion from Hubsan engineers on how to fix the GPS Lost problem.

Can you confirm it ? Should I do it ?
I like to fly at long distances (thx your drone does it very well), good and stable GPS is very important for me.

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Re: GNSS problems in Zino Mini Pro

Post by me_b3a05Qml4t » Fri Apr 22, 2022 2:34 am

If your drone is in the path of some radars especially if the radar goes into targeting mode to pick out what it has detected some electronics have problems. Could eveen be a jammeer. "is a matter of national security - no kidding".

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