Zino mini pro _ Sensor Error, USB issue and Barometer error

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Zino mini pro _ Sensor Error, USB issue and Barometer error

Post by me_c9292wB43y » Fri Jul 15, 2022 2:51 pm

Good Day, or hope you having one since im not.

My mini zino Pro has been an issue since i took out of the box.
Firstly i couldnt get it connected, I ended up buying an android mobile for it to activate. ( Iphone USB accessory was activated).

Secondly USB not connected error just keeps coming on and off

Thirdly my Barometer says error and stays in red,

Transmitter gives SENSOR FAULT message.

I am STILL trying to sort this out with Alibaba Return and refund, with the seller and with Hubsan themselves via direct email,

I send video, i send message but its always the same reply, "Sorry to hear, i cannot see the video properly"
Well the video is perfectly fine and even friends and posted in facebook and everyone can read what it says, i dont think its rocket science knowing what the APP is saying, specially for HUBSAN i would have thought!!!

Im very dissapointed with the drone, I have managed ZERO flights to date.

I really dont know how they can sell drones in such a state, or at least provide a good after sale service to Hubsan clients! After all we are the guys who keep them in business to later find the drones are pretty much faulty.

I undertand sometimes thigs break or can be faulty, but seeing at the feedback from others, internet and youtube, one can say there is a seriours flaw with this machines.

I hope i get my refund, and just wanted to show my fustration at the lack of service and response from Hubsan themselves.

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Re: Zino mini pro _ Sensor Error, USB issue and Barometer error

Post by me_1cc835bIWV » Thu Mar 30, 2023 5:06 pm

I'm having the same issue with barometer error, has anybody figured out what the problem may be, I fixed the USB because I bought a better quality cable, I had to buy several on Amazon before I found one that was compatible, the ones that Hubsan sends with the Drone is utter garbage, I had the same issue with the usb on my full-sized zino pro also, I can't understand why they haven't fixed that widely known problem I've about had it with this company, dji is only a little bit pricier, but none of my friends that have those that had any kinds of dumb issues like these things, but I'm having the barometer problem so it will not take off

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