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Zino Mini Pro Bug Introduced with 1.4.1

Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2022 9:04 am
by me_1059c8nr3Y
I hope by the time your reading this that this bug, has been squashed.
It appears that since 1.4.1 a bug has arisen that is experienced by some, but apparently not all ZMP owners.
The bug is that video files are recorded at much lower bit rates. I've seen multiple people state 7.3Mbps, and one at 6.4Mbps. These are not the wrong AB files these are the AA files. If you check in the App the Bit rate will look normal, say 100Mbps, but your captured video will be very poor.
Go into video mode, set up all other parameter's, THEN go to bit rate and manually change the bit rate, I believe twice. So if its on 100 and you want 100 simply change it up or down then go back to 100. It appears this changing the setting is what corrects the bit rate, but only temporarily.
Please if preparing for important or one off footage TEST this out first.
I believe it has to be done EVERY time that you change video settings, or restart the drone - although this could be because people who are aware are taking the precaution every time, rather than risk poor footage.
Like I said, I really, really hope this is rectified asap and that this post will rapidly be outdated!
Happy Flying!