Zino Mini Pro Calibrate Vision Positioning System

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Re: Zino Mini Pro Calibrate Vision Positioning System

Post by BenMatthews » Sun Sep 12, 2021 2:26 pm

ok Finally managed to Calibrate the sensors.
I am using a large TV for my monitor and it never worked and even tried another smaller tv and no luck with that either, so dragged out a old lower resolution monitor and it worked perfectly first time. Did try to use an old laptop also but Windows kept throwing up an error and wouldn't open the program.

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Re: Zino Mini Pro Calibrate Vision Positioning System

Post by me_51b42hc0Sq » Sun Oct 24, 2021 10:05 am

OK, after major problems trying to do the vision system calibration, I finally succeeded (it makes a big difference!) A couple of lessons learned, that I could not find anywhere else:
(1) Not every Windows computer seems to work. You can load the drivers onto any Windows machine, but sometimes when you run the calibration program, at the very end the green progress circle stops at 90% and the message is "abnormal calibration" with no explanation. I tried over and over, thinking that I was moving the drone too much or some such...no.
(2) If you upgrade the Windows system, e.g. from Win 10 to Win 11, you need to re-load the drivers. The calibration program will not tell you this. If it is already on your machine when you upgrade, it just does nothing when you attach the drone--does not recognize it.
(3) Not all screen resolutions work. Some will give you an immediate message "resolution not supported" when you open the calibration program. Other resolutions appear to work, no message at the beginning, but at the end of the calibration process you get the message "calibration failed" and a display on the right showing both front and rear camera views in big red failure boxes. For example, 1200 x 720 does this. Again, I tried repeatedly, taking more care with the positioning of the drone....that was not the problem
(4) 1280 x 800 worked on my Microsoft Surface 13" laptop. Immediate, rapid success, first try.

Therefore: if you run into calibration "abnormalities" and "failures": make sure the drivers are really installed; try a different computer to avoid the "abnormal" issue; try different screen resolutions until you find one that is "supported," and if that one gives you calibration failures, try another resolution until you find one that succeeds. When you find a good one the calibration takes only a minute or two and succeeds instantly.

Now, if only the camera sharpness and color management were so easy to improve.....

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