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Zino 2+ randomly changes from 4k/60 to 1080p

Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2021 5:21 pm
by me_48bb3fsjbx
Brand new, fully updated Zino 2+ changes video from 4k/60 to 1080p sometimes when I start/stop recording. This ruins that footage as it's not very compatible in quality. I now I must check whether the video is still at 4k/60 after EVERY video session! Concentrating on flying, but having to check video settings constantly can be dangerous. You're taking you're eye off the ball to check a faulty App.

Also, it sure would be nice if the Zino 2 App remembered your video settings from each flight, and went back to them at boot-up. Having to re-enter them each time is a pain, and having to change the FPV view to non-HD every time to support 4k/60 recording is another pain. Why can't it just stay set where I want it, until I change it?!?!