ZIno Pro Battery / App error on Iphone

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ZIno Pro Battery / App error on Iphone

Post by traxcorp » Thu Jun 03, 2021 3:45 am

Good monring everyone..

I am in the market for another drone and would really like to buy one or even two more Hubsans but I cannt because I am NOT receiving support with issues casued by Updates on my current ZINO PRO . I have a very early Zino Pro and a few months ago updated the App and the firmware and suddenly had problems I did not have before..

A) Battery is empty after 2-3 mins and drone lands.. on all 3 well cared for and good original batteries this is not reasonable .
One battery fail - maybe the battery , 2 fails - really unlucky but POSSIBLY the batteries BUT 3 fails all at exactly the same time is is NOT the batteries .... it is the app or the firmware.!!

B) I am on Iphone and I cannot keep connected... constantly advised "USB disconnected " but the Zino Pro is still responding to commeands.

C) Scarey - had a few occassions when the drone just dropped out of the sky, luckily onto high soft grasses, where I do my testing,. no damage.

D) As I am on Iphone IOS I cannot "roll back " the app , and rolling back the firmware did NOT work, so it has to be the app.

E) I am amzed that HUBSAN will not address this issue, not just to support people that purchased the older equipment but to encourage them to buy and promote more Hubsan products.. as I say I would buy Hubsan equipment but I am not confident that it would fly and not drop out of the air.

F) Finally - I made an earlier post and it had 317 reads and no comments or replies.. and what that means, is that in HUBSAN's eyes, there is only one person with a problem... HOWEVER IF they noticed more posts or, replies to posts, then they would see it is a bigger issue and hopefully respond. So as well as reading - PLEASE WRITE -- tell eveyone your problem / story. Maybe even between us we can help.

If anyone can offer any solution to the :

1) USB disconnected

2) IOS - app rollback or another app ?

3) Battery issue and falling out of the sky..

I would REALLY appreciate it..


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Re: ZIno Pro Battery / App error on Iphone

Post by rvl2017 » Thu Jun 03, 2021 1:24 pm

A) You can explore log files of your 2-3 min flights with the tool https://youtu.be/-ohq5ra0iHo
I think your batteries are really bad.
B) Bad cable can be the problem
C) Log files again :) This can be battery fail too.
D) Latest firmware is good enough. You need not downgrading.
E) I think they have limited resources & the widespread problem of the "development hell".

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Re: ZIno Pro Battery / App error on Iphone

Post by traxcorp » Thu Jun 03, 2021 2:56 pm

Thank you for your comments... MUCH appreciated

A) I can explore but it is not telling me anything useful about the batteries. The chance of all 3 failing at exactly the same time is is extraordinary,. The fact that mine AND many other users all failed at the same them time is impossible from battery failure.

B) I tried 3 cables - same result,.. again almost impossible that 3 cables could suddenly go bad. However it works perfectly - zero drops - if I have the iphone in "airplane mode " but then I dont have maps and probably not logging I think, It still does not fly though for more than 1-2 mins on a full battery.

C) ----> see A)

D) I can see that the firmware may be ok --> I suspect the IOS APP<>

E) I agree --> but simply - since IOS users cannot rollback from 3.8.8 ---> if they made one of a the earlier versions an IOS rollback app then we could download it and see..

I wonder is the problem ONLY on IOS or on Android as well.?

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