Zino Pro battery failure

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Zino Pro battery failure

Post by traxcorp » Mon May 17, 2021 4:52 am


I have Zino Pro and original batteries (3) and all was working ok - lastest updates etc etc,, I had not used it for approx 6 months and charged up all 3 batteries with the original charger and and all are dicharging the full battery after 3-4 minutes of flying.. literally dropping the Zino out of the air in mid flight..when is says it still has 20-30% of charge.. I tried charging them on a 3rd party "balance charger" and it was exactly the same... I tried charging again on the original charger - each battery talking approx 3 hours to "go green" and when flying all failed again.. all 3 batteries

If it was one battery ok, 2 batteries maybe but 3 batteries seems to be highly unlikely.... so I am suspecting the drone..

So either some component is damaged >?


The firmware is causing the issue,.. ?
( thinking of reverting back to the previous firmware )

Anyone got any advice.. or experience similar ??



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