Hubsan warranty repair

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Hubsan warranty repair

Post by me_bac46K59rc » Sun May 09, 2021 5:33 am

Hi I just wanted to comment on how poorly Hubsan handled my request for warranty service. The drone carries a year warranty from Hubsan and they certainly didn’t stand up to that promise. I purchased my drone on eBay thru myflydrone seller. They didn’t even response to my emails. Hubsan was not much better after twice contacting them once they realized I purchased through eBay they stopped all emails without even an explanation. Pretty rude. So my problems which have to do with my gimbal no longer moving which is clearly a warranty issue are going to be left up to me to solve. I don’t think I want to even purchase parts from these people. I think money better spent would be to another company. One that stands behind there word and takes care of there customers no matter how they purchased there drones as long as they have the proper documentation to support the claim. Good job Hubsan you lost a great chance at making a lifetime customer outta me. Instead when I hear anyone talking about Hubsan I will caution them against making a purchase. You should take care of your customers and at least respond to there questions and don’t just give them the cold shoulder. Bad Buisness practices. Don’t buy Hubsan they will just turn there back on you without explanation.

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Re: Hubsan warranty repair

Post by me_b4749OpFaU » Wed Sep 08, 2021 10:37 pm

Just curious,

Did you ever resolve anything with Hubsan? I've heard of numerous people that Hubsan did not respond while under warranty. (And quite a few that Hubsan did not contact even after the warranty period). Poor customer service. Just wondering if you ever resolved anything, .... and if not, Did you purchase another drone ?

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