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A Users Perspective

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:13 am
by justjarhead
1) Be Nice to others. Treat them as you would treat yourself.
2) If you can, Help your fellow Hubsan User.
3) If Unhappy about Something be polite and honest when speaking about it. Constructive Criticism is welcome. Don't blame the Techs.
4) No obscene language or profanity.
5) No posting of adult images or video file links.
6) Children Read the Forum. Post Accordingly
7) Try to research your problem on Youtube or one of the many Facebook Forums first.
8) Try to explain your problem in English with as much detail as possible. If you can take pictures or videos of what you have tried to aid in troubleshooting.
9) Offer Constructive Feedback and Comments
10) Read your Manuals
11) Enjoy.