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Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2021 12:18 pm
by focales
Hi guys,
I got some strange behavior with my H501S. Two diffenrent (I guess) things

From some time now it always print GPS mode in green when take off then GPS mode comes RED and stays Red

Regulary it blinks in yellow and on the controller it writes NEED RESET COMPASS.
NOT "calibrate compass" I insist. Anyway when it occurs I cannot make a manual calibration. Most of the time the operation does not start when making the procedure with sticks and if I'm lucky when the leds flashes red clockwise I turn ... the first light goes green then orange and when all are green they all become orange and blinking in red clockwise again and again and again. No way to make it right ! You can do it 10 times, it acts so.

Precision: most of the time I can do a manual calibration without problem.

So questions :

1. why/when gps mode goes red ?
2. what "NEED RESET COMPASS" does mean (and don't tell me it needs a calibration if there is a different message cause will probably be different) and how make a compass RESET (not a calibration)?
3. why when calibrate sometimes it becomes yellow and act like it is not able to store the calibration. But maybe it's related to the point 2.

Thank you !

Firmwares versions:
H906A V1.31.19
H501S V 2.1.50 V1.1.46