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H501s V2 - Alarm sound

Posted: Sun Jun 27, 2021 5:56 am
by Vaxx74
Hello. I have a Hubsan H501s in V2.1.50. After 4 flights I can no longer use the drone. I turn it on and the 2 leds at the front flash red, the 2 leds at the back flash orange or sometimes green but the drone rings twice close repeatedly. The propellers move very slightly. Nothing else ... On the RC "Check Gyro" remains on the screen. I have paired several times (maybe 25) but nothing. Recalibrate the sticks but the same. No firmware update on the site. The drone received no shock, no crash, no water, no sand ... In short, it is like new. I need your help because I can't use it anymore and it's frustrating. Especially since during my first flights, I was very satisfied with the product. I can't send sound recording but it's something like this: BIIIP biip - BIIIp biip - BIIIP - biip ... And again and again and again ...
Help please.