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drone out of control

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2021 9:39 am
by me_86ebe3dDUb
Hello to everyone who bought a drone from this company.
I managed to fly with my device only three times. The third time I started it to take off, it rose as usual, and then fired at full speed in an unknown direction beyond my control. I tried everything, but he did not react, and about 200m he crashed into the branches of a tree. There were no serious injuries, but when I turned it on at home to check everything, the camera after a while began to rotate like crazy in all directions. Then the video signal disappeared. Good thing I had a flight record in the control program. But when I started contacting the manufacturer, after a while I found out that this record was deleted from the Hubsan cloud where it is kept. Now I have to try to sell it and buy a quality drone (DJI). :cry:
Good thing this incident happened on a deserted lawn, not somewhere where there were people or buildings.