Warranty issue with H501s-s

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Warranty issue with H501s-s

Post by me_dd1e2dh3Rb » Tue Jan 22, 2019 6:25 pm

I have confirmed that the 5.8ghz board in my h501s-s has gone bad.

Ive had it for 3 weeks and on the 5th flight the camera no longer works.

My TX is fine as it binds and works perfect with a freinds drone.

Binding his TX to my drone shows no FPV and does not take video or photo.

For me to send it in for service would cost me 85.00 CAD
To and from Canada-USA and I'm just not willing to do that.

Has anyone had this issue and able to fix it?
Maybe a firmware update or roll back?

I'm just not happy with hubsan customer service at the moment.

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