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h502s latest firmware update

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 4:19 pm
by Dave4491
Greetings, I've seen a youtube video where the 2.1.47 firmware is uploaded to the h502e but the latest firmware that I found on the support page downloading the doc file was 2.1.37(wich I already loaded in my drone).

Now my real problem is that I bought the ht006 wich is a gps watch that doesn't work with the h502e non plus version, but in the video that I seen the 2.1.47 version makes it work. My h502e is about the end of 2017 while the 2.1.47 is about june of 2018.

I'm sure that I have the new board so that the 2.1.47 can be loaded into my drone, but if you say to me that the 2.1.37 activate the follow me and the orbit functions I will keep it(I still have to try it, but the drone works normally with the regular transmitter).

At least I have a question. If I use the h502s transmitter with the h502e, the follow me function is enabled, so, why this doesn't happen with the ht006 or why there is not this compatibility?

I know that my drone is not broken, but I bought the ht006 and the information about the h502e plus is listed only into the ht006 product page and then nowhere else, so talking as a customer anybody can't know if the h502e is + or not.

I won't be greedy, but I already have a transmitter, the watch was usefull for me only if it was able to activate the orbiting and the follow me features thanks to the gps that there is into the watch.

Re: h502s latest firmware update

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 4:51 am
by Dave4491
UPDATE: the 2.1.37 works, just tried this morning.