H501S FPV2 Transmitter Firmware Upgrade Failed!

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H501S FPV2 Transmitter Firmware Upgrade Failed!

Post by andysoft » Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:14 pm

Hi there
I Live in Argentina, South America (Buenos Aires)

I have got problems since I bought my HUBSAN FPV H501s X4 on Amazon about 2 years ago, on a holiday trip.

The first problem was the charger, did not charge the LiPo batteries. Asked for support under warranty by email They at HUBSAN promised repair or replacement, got promises by some Hubsan executive, but when it came to send the pieces, they never responded any more my emails.
So I waited and went to US again on vacation, and bought a new balanced charger on Amazon last year, hoping it solves the problem.
And it did! (I could charge the batteries)

But then it never calibrated successfully, asked for support and they said..
"the compass might be failing, they should send me a new compass board."

Even waiting and emailing hard, I never got to receive the compass, they suggested me to upgrade the firmware..

So I went to youtube periodically searching for tutorials, and found a good one

Then I downloaded the OFFICIAL FIRMWARE from december 2017,

Performed the upgrade on the Flight controller successfully to FC 1.1.41 (july 2017)


¿Any clue?

So on my H501s I never got a single flight! :oops:

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Re: H501S FPV2 Transmitter Firmware Upgrade Failed!

Post by MaxMann » Fri Aug 20, 2021 11:43 am

Realize this is an old post, but for future reference:
put Right joystick in lower left corner position and also press ENTER button @ same time, all while turning it on, the LED should then be blinking RED
You are now in programming mode, connect to PC, flash firmware, Transmitters LED should then turn solid GREEN if successful. Turn off Transmitter, unplug from PC, turn Transmitter on with new firmware
WARNING: If Deluxe Transmitter H906A (FPV1) has firmware v1.31.19 on it already..... DO NOT FLASH DIFFERENT FIRMWARE ON IT
!!! See this thread for the reason why!!!

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Re: H501S FPV2 Transmitter Firmware Upgrade Failed!

Post by zambrabo48 » Mon Aug 23, 2021 11:12 pm

by accident I put a wrong version in my control and now it doesn't give an image: c I don't know what to do help me please :cry:

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